About SEE

Cornelious “See” Flowers, poetically and widely known as “SEE” the Poet is a Poet, Author, Community Activist, and Speaker from Chicago, Illinois. Writing and performing spoken word poetry since his childhood, SEE has been captivating audiences with his gifts and talents through many avenues and mediums such as television,theater, stage performance, as well as through the outlets of radio, CD, film, book, and community outreach across the country. Through social media and the blogosphere SEE maintains a current presence and place in the culture of today’s voice and is a highly sought out corporate and community speaker for events and education. SEE’S daily “Today’s -see” motivational/inspirational quotes are received and shared across the world and the source of hope and motivation for people of all ages and backgrounds. His works and words have been published and performed to the delight and at the request of corporations, schools, non-profits, religious institutions, prisons, and other venues where he delivers his messages of hope, encouragement, and inspiration.



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